facials in palermo the best treatments for men and women in buenos aires


The best facial peels for Men in Buenos Aires. Peeling Facial para hombres en Palermo Buenos Aires. Contamos con los mejores Facial Service form Men with remove the blackheads y extraccion de puntos negros y comedones.


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Facials in buenos aires  treatment for men and women that includes facial radiofrequency to improve wrinkles, expression lines and combat the first signs of aging.
It also includes a delicate exfoliation of the face, neck and décolleté with fine seaweed to improve blemishes, provide softness to the skin and, above all, restore the luminosity and softness to the touch that we love so much.
Next we proceed to formulate a delicious cocktail of assets according to skin type and age in order to give the skin the correct hydration, nutrition and oxygenation.

It is important to note that this treatment includes:
Gentle cranial-cervical massage to relax the muscles and through kneading maneuvers generate puffs of oxygen to the skin by stimulating the trapezius and shoulder muscles, it is worked face up and is done with oatmeal cream.

Neckline: In addition to the face and neck, the neckline is polished with equipment from the Spanish brand SORISA and the precise active ingredients are applied to the skin to improve the texture and softness of the skin.

The best facial cleanse in palermo!

Summarizing the program includes: treatment of the face + neck, décolleté + craniocervical massages.

What is not included: extractions of blackheads, millium cysts, fat balls, removal of facial marks or blemishes.

Total duration: 80 minutes in our beauty center in Palermo Buenos Aires

Prior preparation:
The skin must be free or with very little makeup and if possible without perfume on both the face and neck.

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